5 Ways to Show Phlebs You Care

Phlebotomists, affectionately known as phlebs, are among the most underappreciated healthcare professionals.  Regardless of where they stan [...]

5 Signs You Are a Lab Legend

Do your fellow lab techs trade stories about your pipetting prowess when you’re not around? Are you considered the king or queen of the ta [...]

How to Fail Your Next CAP Inspection

College of American Pathologists (CAP) accreditation is one of the most important recognitions for any medical laboratory. Passing a CAP ins [...]

How to Feel (and Look) Good in Your Medical Lab

If you’re spending at least half your waking hours working in a medical lab, then shouldn’t you be comfortable and feel good about how y [...]

5 Reasons to Be Grateful for Lab Techs

No healthcare professionals are more deserving of gratitude than lab techs. A lab tech’s dedication to accuracy and consistency is admirab [...]

The Dangers of Poor Patient Handling Techniques

When studies show that a person can put about 1,000lb of pressure on their back just by turning a 100lb person on their side, it’s not [...]

5 Signs You’re a Night Shift Lab Tech

Night shift changes a lab tech. Gone are the days of waking with the sun, not drinking coffee at 1a, and having a normal social life. It’s [...]

5 Lab Tech Quirks

Lab techs aren’t wired like most people. Maybe their unique perspective comes from spending so many hours analyzing microorganisms.  Or p [...]

How to Reduce Needlestick and Sharps Injuries

Needlestick and sharps injuries are a major concern at hospitals, healthcare facilities, and laboratories. An estimated 800,000 injuries oc [...]

4 Fun Phlebotomy Order of Draw Mnemonics

One of the most important sets of information a beginning phlebotomist must memorize is phlebotomy order of draw. Blood must be drawn in a s [...]
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