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Case Study: Custom Product for Barnes-Jewish Hospital Glove Dispenser with Lid

Barnes-Jewish Hospital, like all healthcare facilities, needs glove dispensers. But their Infection Control Department had a special request. They wanted a glove dispenser with a lid to keep dust and loose particles from settling into the dispenser and possibly contaminating the gloves. Easy enough. But it also had to be easy to clean the interior.

The result: A highly durable, impact-resistant glove dispenser with a hinged lid that would keep foreign particles out and a one inch slot across the base of the unit allowing for easier interior cleaning of the dispenser.

This seems like a simple, smart, and practical adaptation to an essential, ubiquitous and otherwise overlooked tool in healthcare. Maybe Barnes-Jewish Hospital has started a trend. Perhaps a lidded glove dispenser is coming to an exam room near you.

Is It Easy to Get a Custom Product?
Read what Barnes-Jewish Hospital thinks.

Were you satisfied with the results?
The product approved was well-built and was exactly what was needed to satisfy our medical staff.

Is there an exceptional moment that stands out?
I was impressed by the many work hours you took to develop this product with me. You showed me you were committed to developing what was specified and using the best materials for the dispenser.

Did we meet or exceed your expectations?
You exceeded my expectations when responding to the changes and ideas, and when it came to the amount of time it took them to produce and ship the prototype dispenser for my end-users to examine and test.

Would you recommend working with us to others?
Absolutely! I haven’t anything negative to mention about the working relationship.


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