Small Change, Big Results

Small Change, Big Results: Yes, Accessorizing Your Glove Dispensers Can Make a Difference

Making gloves easily accessible throughout your facility is easy when you accessorize your glove dispensers.

Here’s 3 easy add-ons that can alleviate annoyances that get in the way of your everyday routine.

“I need gloves closer to me to be efficient, but the closest surface is metal.”

Use Magnet Mounts

These super-strong magnets simply screw into the keyholes of a glove dispenser, allowing you to mount your glove dispenser to any metal surface.

“Sometimes I grab the wrong size glove, wasting valuable time and inventory.”

Use Size Indicators
These button-like labels clearly stand out. When restocking your glove dispenser, you’ll know exactly what size to replace. And reaching for the right glove takes no guessing.

“Our glove boxes got smaller and now they rattle around in the dispenser. Makes it so hard to get the gloves out!”

Use Spacers
The tension flap keeps thinner boxes up front where you can easily reach the gloves. It attaches with Velcro® so you can remove it if the size of your glove box changes.

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