Small Change, Big Results

Small Change, Big Results: 3 Easy Ways to Keep Blood Bank Processing Simple and Safe

5S Lean processes can help streamline blood bank processing to improve efficiencies and safety. Here are our 3 top solutions for a “lean” blood bank.

1. Donor Vial Caddy: No More Bags, Envelopes, or Even Worse — Entire Trays for One Specimen

• Keeps blood tubes together with the blood bags
• Barcode labels can be attached to the back for better tracking
• Easy to clean and durable
• Available exclusively at MarketLab



2. Blood Boot Stands: Reduce Accidental Spills or Leaks

• Keeps bags upright in refrigerator
• Makes accessing bags in refrigerator easier
• Helps retain shape of blood bags
• Several colors available for color-coding
• Easy to clean


3. Blood Unit Drawers: Fit More Bags in Less Space

• Neatly organizes several bags to optimize shelving space in the refrigerator
• Doubles as intra-facility transport tray for specimens
• Notches allow for easy lifting of multiple bags in a single drawer
• Can be custom-ordered to fit your specific storage area


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