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It’s Your Safety: Is the 10-Second Rule Too Long?

Take a look around you. Where’s the closest eyewash station or spill kit? If it’s more than 10 seconds out of reach, you’re at risk for serious injury, not to mention the fact that your facility is not in compliance with ANSI Z358.1-2009 standard.

Beat the 10-Second Rule
ANSI Z358.1-2009 standard provides that emergency equipment be installed within 10 seconds walking time from the location of a hazard (approximately 55 feet).

But delaying treatment for even just a few seconds can mean the difference between temporary and permanent damage or scarring. Your facility can beat the 10-second rule if first-response emergency equipment is kept at every workstation.

Preparing Every Workstation Can Be Cost-Effective
Consider the cost of lost work days, slowed production, and insurance premiums from workplace injuries compared to the cost of an eyewash and spill kit at every workstation (see information to the right). There’s simply no comparison.

Even if you purchase 10 Universal Spill Kits, Cederroth Eyewashes and 2 refills for each, it’s still a fraction of the cost of serious injuries to one staff member.

Note: These “first-response” solutions to emergency situations are not meant as a substitute for required emergency equipment. But they can make a difference in response time and help reduce the severity of injuries.


Universal Spill Kit & Cederroth Eyewash: Grand Total $480
Spill Kit: $185

2 refills*: $220
Total: $405

*Consumable contents: scrapers, absorbent, gloves.

Eyewash: $33
2 refills: $42
Total: $75


Respiratory & Eye Injuries from Chemical Spill/Splash: Grand Total $182,519art.denver.evac.kmgh

Direct: $30,712
Indirect: $33,783
Total: $64,495

Vision Loss
Direct: $56,202
Indirect: $61,822
Total: $118,024



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