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How Can We Have So Many Unique Products in Our Catalog?

Made in USA

Unlike other healthcare suppliers, MarketLab has its own manufacturing division, ClearForm, located steps away from our headquarters in Caledonia, Michigan.

The ClearForm team specializes in acrylic fabrication and design, and their expertise has resulted in over 10 years of some of the most popular dispensers and organizers we offer.

Behind Every Product is 100 Years of Fabrication Experience

Each product starts with an idea that is developed and designed by our in-house engineer to meet the needs of our healthcare customers. Every step in the process is completed onsite to ensure the highest quality and is then custom packed to ensure safe shipping.

We also utilize the talent and capabilities of ClearForm to create personalized solutions for our customers. So if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, we can modify any existing product to your specificaitons or create an entirely unique solution from scratch.

Want to Know More?

Watch this short behind-the-scenes video.

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