5S Lean for Healthcare

Here’s a Way to Take Work-Space-Organization to the Next Level

Custom-Made Solutions

Utilizing wasted space is a key component to applying “Lean” methodology or to simply get organized once and for all.

Otherwise, those unused corners of your desk will always be a clutter collector, and those oddly shaped supplies that don’t fit a standard bin or hopper will always spill over and create an unisightly mess, or worse, a safety hazard.

The key to organizational success means thinking outside the box and getting a custom-made solution.

But wait, aren’t custom-made products cost-prohibitive? Not when you factor in lost time and inventory.

Think about how much time you waste searching for supplies that could be at your fingertips if you had the right organizer on your bench or desk. Think about the money your department would save from not having to replenish supplies that got ruined or lost because they fell out of their make-shift box or ill-fitting bin.

Custom-made, personalized product solutions can be cost-effective because they can help:

Is a Custom-Made Solution Right for You?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is there an empty corner that’s difficult to reach into or that has become a catch-all for infrequently used items?
  • Are there supplies used every day at your desk that don’t fit in standard bins?
  • Are existing products what you need but they’re too small, too big, or need a lock?

If you answer yes to any of the above, it’s time to call your preferred supplier and ask about their Personalized Product-Solution Services.




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