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5 Made-in-USA Products Every Healthcare Facility Should Have

Made in USA Means Quality You Can Trust
These five products were designed with you in mind by MarketLab’s on-staff engineer. All of these products are manufactured in Caledonia, Michigan, from high quality material to help keep you safe, improve efficiencies, and make your job a little easier.

Side-Loading Glove Dispensers

Side-Loading Glove Dispensers
An entire line of glove dispensers designed with dividers to save you time. When a box is empty, that’s the only one you have to remove.




Isolation StationIsolation Station
Compact, efficient storage to help make following contact isolation protocols easier.




Premium Health & Hygiene Center

Premium Health & Hygiene Center
Encourages use of essential infection-prevention supplies, especially during flu season.




Premium Health & Hygiene CenterAcrylic Blood Collection Tube Rack
Reduces the frequency of restocking because it holds over 200 blood collection tubes and features a bonus storage area on top.




Premium Health & Hygiene CenterBiohazard Shield
Simple yet necessary protection for yourself and the integrity of your samples.



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