Small Change, Big Results

3 Solutions for Histologists Who Don’t Like Damaged Specimens & Want to Keep Their Sanity

Make these a part of your everyday routine to make your every day easier.


Biopsy Bags 
— They’re nylon so they’re resistant to moistureNylon Biopsy Bags
— Keeps specimens intact during flow cytometry
— Easier to find your specimen when you need it
— Fits into any biopsy or tissue cassette


Tissue Capsules
— Easier to label because they have built-in writing space
— Mesh allows for fluid flow
— Excellent replacement for samples that won’t be paraffin-blocked completely


Biopsy Foam
— Any temperature concerns? This is the ideal solution given its broad range
— Two shapes to use what works with your cassettes
— Sponge foam allows for better immersion in fluids
— Blue color is easier to spot on the specimen

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