5S Lean for Healthcare Infection Control

Holding the Responsibility: A Quick Tip on Keeping Disinfectants at Hand

freshmixholderEvery room of your facility should have a dispenser built to hold disinfectant products. Why? Statistics show that implementing a more targeted cleaning strategy dramatically reduces acquisition rates of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs), especially Clostridium difficile infections (C. diff).

Having a product that holds disinfectants on walls or on countertops does a number of things. It creates a visual “go-to” point in every room for a single cleaning product. A well-placed dispenser can encourage staff members who enter the room to perform a quick spot-clean. Think about how a hand sanitizer dispenser works; people see it and naturally use it because it is visible and along their path. Putting disinfectants out in the open (but out of the reach of small children) will have the same effect.

If your facility is looking for ways to implement more targeted cleaning strategies in order to reduce HAIs in your facility, think about installing dispensers that place disinfectants at the right place for use at the right time.

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