Flu Season Infection Control Small Change, Big Results

Fight the Flu with New Ideas

These 5 Small Changes Can Have Big Results

This year’s flu season could be nasty according to the CDC and WHO. In addition to your standard flu season preparation, make some small changes to stop the flu in its tracks.

  1. Switch to anti-microbial glove dispensers. Germs can’t live on dispensers made with Microban®.
  2. Increase the number of hygiene centers to increase compliance with infection prevention etiquette.
  3. Clean your stethoscopes and pens. They’re some of the dirtiest tools in the hospital.
  4. Ramp up your disinfection routine. Use a disinfectant that kills c.diff and MRSA to protect immunocompromised flu patients from contracting an HAI.
  5. Stay updated on flu statistics so you’re not caught off-guard. Download the flu app or bookmark FluView.


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