Specimen Transport

Are You Validating Specimen Temperatures During Transport?

Ensuring the integrity of your specimens includes maintaining proper temperatures. Of course, your laboratories validate, but do your couriers?

Don’t take chances, guess, or hope that the proper temperature was maintained during transport. Validate with temperature tracking devices.

MarketLab has expanded its selection of specimen temperature tracking devices for 2014 to help specimen couriers in their responsibility and knowledge of temperature validation. New to the line are three levels of trackers that when used in conjunction can offer the safety and peace of mind every lab manager seeks.

Specimen Tote Thermometer with Monitor
Specimen Tote Thermometer
with Monitor

Track temps inside and outside specimen totes with this programmable NIST-compliant digital thermometer with low- and high-limit alarm.
XpressPDF Temperature Data Logger
Digitally record and transfer temperature data to an auto-generated PDF file.
Specimen Thermometer Strips
Quickly monitor “live” temperature on totes or specimen bags.

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