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3 Lab Bench Organization Mini Strategies for Huge Efficiency Gains

Lab benches are notorious time thieves. Office and clinical supplies conspire to create a confusing mess without a well-defined organization system. If left unchecked, they will hide critical items and even crowd you out of your workspace.

Not cool, bench.

Fortunately, lab bench organization is one of the easiest, most rewarding ways to improve efficiency and gain peace of mind.
Whether your goal is to maximize limited space or simply tidy up your area, you will be amazed at the difference these three tiny adjustments will make.

  • Add another level to your lab bench: Think of your benchtop as the ground floor of a building. What is stopping you from building a second story? Workstation Risers take your organization to the next level. Place your most important and frequently used tools and supplies on the top shelf for easy access. Accessory bins can be placed on top to better contain spill-able items.timer whiteboard tray
  • Easy on the sticky notes: Sticky notes are a great reminder tool … in moderation. You know you’re overusing them when they’ve lost their sticking power and flutter aimlessly across your workspace.For time-sensitive reminders, a Timer Whiteboard Tray is a better choice. It has a writable surface, a place to hold your timer, and sits upright for viewing at a distance. It can be used to hold cell phones, too.
  • Make your wall work for you: A LabWall vertical storage system is a streamlined, flexible alternative to shelving and fixed cabinets. These durable, lightweight aluminum panels come in a variety of sizes and orientations to fit your unique workspace. LabWall is easy to install and accommodates an array of bins and dispensers.

How do you keep your benchtop organized? What are some of your biggest organization challenges? Please let us know in the comment box below!

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