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3 Active Seating Solutions for Better Health and Productivity

Most task chairs are not designed in your best interest. Your mind and body pay the price for conceptual and material shortcuts. Inferior seating is a recipe for back pain, dulled focus, and a bad mood.

Seating should never damage your body or impede your workflow. In fact, the best options can improve your health and productivity.

Active seating is changing the way healthcare workers think about their relationships with chairs. These revolutionary seating solutions are fun, flexible, and crafted with a focus on physical engagement with all the necessary adjustment mechanisms you would ever need. They can improve posture, relieve back pain, improve circulation, and strengthen muscles of the back, abdomen, and legs.

It’s time to break free from your tired task chair’s uncomfortable grip. Enjoy more freedom of movement with these three unique active seating solutions.

Sit-Lean-Stand: More of a perch than a traditional seat or stool, the Muvman is ideal for lab benches and touchdown spaces. Its multi-dimensional, movable joint gives you full dynamic motion. The 4-degree permanent tilt forward comfortably aligns your body to working surfaces, regardless of body type. Muvman also features flexzone® technology and cushioning. It responds to your body pressure, ensuring free blood circulation and a pleasant seat climate.

Make sitting fun: Swopper will put a smile on your face and be the talk of your workplace. Its adjustable height, vertical bounce, and side-to-side lateral tension are great for active healthcare workers. Those looking to strengthen their core can adjust the tension to suit their personal comfort or fitness level. Swopper can relieve intervertebral disc pain, too.

Keep the backrest: This is not your ordinary swivel chair. 3Dee incorporates elements of the Swopper and promotes three-dimensional movement, greater well-being, higher energy, and better balance. Its ergonomically formed backrest with patented lamellar (thin plate) technology supports your body without restricting it. The 3Dee is uncompromisingly designed around the natural shape of the human being. Whether it’s time for concentration or relaxation, this versatile seating solution will perform just the way you want it to.

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Ready to get moving? Shop Muvman, Swopper, and 3Dee seating now!

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