9 Reasons Phlebotomists are Fabulous

Phlebotomists are a vital part of any hospital or blood center. Their duties extend far beyond what patients typically see and feel. Attending to those who require extra care, ensuring safe specimen transport and storage, and always staying calm are among the requirements of this demanding job.

We at MarketLab know that phlebotomists are dedicated and skilled medical professionals who often don’t get the attention they deserve. That’s one of the reasons why we have developed unique products to assist them for nearly 20 years.

phlebotomy products

We also consider it our duty to offer praise where it is due. Here are 9 reasons we love phlebotomists:

Phlebotomists have a steady hand: This is no job for the jittery. While some might get the shakes at the mere thought of drawing blood, the pros know that success is dependent on their steadiness and composure. They also know enough to protect themselves with extra-thick gloves just in case.

Phlebotomists have a strong stomach: A few drops of blood, unexpected or not, is enough to make the faint of heart feel queasy or lightheaded. Skillful, experienced phlebotomists see red all day, are immune to butterflies, and are bandaging experts.

Phlebotomists are comforting: The best are well versed at saying the right words the right way. They also have supplies for every situation – a more comfortable chair for an older patient, for example. For younger, frightened patients, an award sticker or a tourniquet with frogs on it might help soothe them.

Phlebotomists have a sense of humor: You can’t poke people with sharp objects for a living and not have an affinity for off-beat jokes. Don’t be surprised if your phlebotomist asks you to think about your in-laws to get you to squeeze that grip a bit harder. By the way, did you hear about the guy who asked his phlebotomist out on a date? She said he wasn’t her type. Moving on …

Phlebotomists are masters of distraction: Ever been amazed by how fast some blood draws seem? That’s no accident. Most phlebotomists have been blessed with the gift of gab, which can make an uncomfortable experience bearable – sometimes even enjoyable. With shy kids, sometimes distraction cards are the answer.

Phlebotomists are masters of improvisation: Veins can be pesky buggers. Some just love to hide. Fortunately, phlebotomists excel at identifying alternative draw sites when the usual ones don’t cooperate. They won’t accept defeat, but occasionally will draw from the feet. Venoscopes are one way to locate hard-to-find peripheral veins.

Phlebotomists are honest: Getting poked by a needle is painful. You’ll never hear, “OK, you’re going to feel a slight kitten nuzzle” before a draw (kitten nip, maybe). The point is they tell it like it is.

Phlebotomists are organized: Phlebotomists know their patients don’t want to see them root around for misplaced equipment. Each has his or her own unique and efficient organization system. Some carry trays. Others use mobile draw carts. All know the importance of finding their supplies quickly.

Phlebotomists are prepared: Lots of people pass out from blood draws. Not all of them prepare their phlebotomists for the possibility. That makes quick reflexes and the ability to read tell-tale body signs (e.g. sudden paleness, 10-mile stare) of paramount importance.

Thanks again to all of the phlebotomists of the world for your tireless devotion! Please check out all our newest and best-selling phlebotomy solutions here.

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