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3 Easy Ways to Improve Patient Satisfaction

There is no single, well-kept secret when it comes to improving patient satisfaction. First-name use, effective communication, and short wait times all can have a positive effect, but other factors are often overlooked.

True dedication to an exceptional patient experience means you consider no detail too small. The slightest inconvenience or discomfort could make you appear insensitive or worse. That can result in lower survey scores and, more sadly, a misrepresentation of your regard for your patients’ happiness.

Don’t let avoidable misunderstandings or unintentional shortcuts prevent you from showing every last patient that you care. Here are three easy ways you can improve patient satisfaction and bolster loyalty:

Keep bedside remotes and phones within reach: A remote cord tied off around your patient’s bed rail delivers the wrong message about how you value his or her comfort and your equipment. A Universal Patient Bed Remote and Phone Caddy shows you care about both. With this unique solution, patients needn’t strain to reach their remotes and potentially injure themselves in the process. This caddy attaches to the bed rail and pivots as the bed rises and lowers, ensuring the remote will remain easily accessible.

Make blood draws more comfortable: Blood draws are a stressful experience for those with needle anxiety. With the right seating, you can make their experience feel more like a visit to the hair salon. Reclining Phlebotomy Chairs let your patients kick back and relax. Their extra-thick cushioning is reminiscent of your favorite living room furniture. With this unbelievable comfort comes the very best and safest support. If fainting occurs, the chair can be actuated into the Trendelenburg position from either side.

Flaunt your infection control practices: There is a happy side effect of properly protecting your facility from the spread of infection, and that’s patient reassurance. When your patients see an organized, well-stocked health and hygiene station, they know that fighting the spread of germs is important to you. Anti-Microbial Health and Hygiene Stations offer another vital element of prevention. Their anti-microbial technology disrupts the ability of microorganisms to exist and multiply.

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