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6 Environmental Hygiene Solutions to Improve Your Infection Control Practices

Environmental hygiene is a core component of Wash-Wipe-Wear, the most complete infection control strategy. You already know that rigorous surface cleaning and decontamination of equipment is critical to preventing the spread of pathogens. Disinfecting and sanitizing wipes are a convenient, effective way to clean high-touch areas.

What’s important to remember is that wipes possess different properties – including but not limited to their formulas – that make them more or less appropriate for certain environments. Wipe size, packaging style, and quantity per container are among the factors that should be considered when choosing the best fit for your facilities.

Of course, accessibility and visibility also help determine the consistency and quality of environmental hygiene. Identifying the best wipe stations for the job and the most sensible places for them are critical to achieving a higher standard of infection control.

Here are six key considerations for making the most informed environmental hygiene product choice: germicidal wipes

Bleach or bust: If your infection control protocol is heavy on the bleach, you might be hesitant to explore other disinfectant formulas. However, have you considered the best delivery method? Sani-Cloth Bleach Germicidal Wipes are available in canisters or individual packets. The packets are great for roving workers.

Easy on the alcohol: Those seeking the assurance an alcohol-based formula provides in a sensitive environment should give CaviCide wipes a try. The beauty of these is they offer great disinfectant power, are safe to use around compromised patients, and won’t damage high-end equipment. They’re also available in canisters or packets.

Experiment with(out) alcohol: When alcohol- or bleach-based sanitizers aren’t required, why not try an alternative? Sani-Cloth’s non-bleach wipes are available in high-alcohol (55%) and alcohol-free formulas. The alcohol-free wipes still offer bactericidal, fungicidal, and virucidal protection, but are gentler on surfaces.

Deliver a message: Well-placed wipes alone don’t always ensure regular surface cleaning. Visual reminders are a great way to lodge environmental hygiene in your coworkers’ or staff’s heads. A Sanitizing Stand with Frame occupies little space and its adjustable height makes it easily accessible. It’s ideal for waiting rooms and common areas.

sanitizing wipe dispenserBe less awkward: Wipe canisters are a marvelous invention. If only they didn’t insist on tagging along whenever you need a wipe. Well, consider the Universal Canister Wipe Dispenser the solution to your canister’s codependency. Its spring-loaded mechanism holds the canister in place, allowing you to remove a wipe with one hand. Say goodbye to separation anxiety.

Embrace multiple personalities:  Is it a hand wipe or a surface wipe dispenser. It doesn’t know. It does whatever you want it to do – and holds your gloves, too. These Stations for Disinfecting Wipes are versatile; if you’re on the fence about pump hand sanitizer and wipes, it will accommodate your indecisiveness. The premium model features a universal dispenser.

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