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Our job doesn’t end at providing you with the unique and hard-to-find healthcare product solutions you need.

Each of our knowledgeable support teams is dedicated to answering all of your questions related to product information, ordering, shipping, delivery, installation, and well beyond. We offer friendly, reliable assistance via several mediums – phone, email, our website, blogs and social media, and demo videos.

Videos are an especially effective way for us to address frequently asked questions. Once we’ve identified FAQs, we strive to present the answers as clearly, concisely, and easily accessible as possible. We’ve found that video demonstrations are often the best platform for achieving that goal.

Case in point: Our exclusive Medication Cabinet with Electronic Lock. Featuring flexible security levels and a programmable lock, it’s a safe and simple way to store medications.

What wasn’t so simple for everybody, we discovered, was resetting the cabinet’s master code (ah, the joy of buttons!). So, we created a demo video walking you through all the necessary steps.  Check it out:

Sometimes you just need to see it for it to make sense.

The quality of our relationship with you determines our success. Your questions and feedback are essential as we continue to offer you the exceptional products and service you expect. If you have questions on any of our products, please share them in the comment box below. Or call, email, message, tweet, etc.!

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