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Anti-Microbial, Fluid-Repellent Healthcare Apparel Endorsed by American Hospital Association

myGuardian™ with Vestex® Protection is now officially the new standard by which to measure the effectiveness of all scrubs and lab coats.

The American Hospital Association (AHA) has awarded its exclusive endorsement to Vestex® Active Barrier protective healthcare apparel.

This is a milestone in the evolution of textile technology. No longer are traditional scrubs and lab coats considered sufficient in providing the level of protection necessary in healthcare environments.

“A new report from the Centers for Disease Control highlights the important gains hospitals have made in reducing the incidence of HAIs, but it also notes more action is needed,” said Anthony Burke, AHA senior vice president, and president and CEO of AHA Solutions, Inc. (Read the full press release here.)

“Our endorsement of Vestex Active Barrier protective apparel is therefore especially timely. Worker clothing is widely recognized as a source of potential disease transmission in healthcare settings, and Vestex is the only protective apparel that has demonstrated the ability to reduce the spread of dangerous organisms in peer-reviewed clinical studies.”

As the exclusive healthcare catalog supplier of myGuardian with Vestex Protection, we are thrilled that these anti-microbial, fluid-repellent scrubs and lab coats are receiving the recognition they deserve. Check out our demo video below:

A peer-reviewed published study confirmed that Vestex-protected nurse scrub uniforms (which utilized Vestex’s unique combination of a fluorine/silicon oxide body fluid repellent and an organosilicon quaternary ammonium antimicrobial) demonstrated a statistically significant reduction in MRSA of more than 99.99% compared to the non-protective scrub uniforms used in many hospitals today.

myGuardian scrubs and lab coats represent the third “W” of Wash, Wipe, and Wear, the most complete infection control strategy. Their combination of peerless protection and exceptional comfort make them the best choice for your healthcare facility. Learn more about how myGuardian will give you wearable peace of mind.

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