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3 Affordable Phlebotomy Station Solutions that Will Lighten Your Load

Traveling light is a discipline that extends beyond packing luggage.

Why do we feel compelled to drag along more than we need?  Why, the what-ifs, of course!  What if a packet of ketchup explodes on the only suit I brought? What if a bear eats my tie? What if 27 rolls of CoFlex Cohesive Bandages aren’t enough for one blood draw?!?!

This can be a struggle for new phlebotomists in particular. They want to be sure they have all the bases covered, so they haul an overloaded cart full of supplies they probably won’t need to every patient area. Big carts play an important role in point-of-care facilities, but they’re not necessarily designed for frequent flying.

Traveling light means trusting your abilities. It means silencing that nagging urge to over-prepare. It means being kind to your back – and your budget!

Here are three new, value-engineered phlebotomy station solutions designed to help lighten your load and your expenses:

Half Round Stationary Phlebotomy Stand: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your reigning, defending welterweight champion of blood draw efficiency. This five-legged stand has what you need, but not too much: plenty of surface area for your draws, an easy-to-remove, convenient drop-in bin, and knob-lock height adjustment. Its non-marking nylon glides allow you to better accommodate patients with limited movement. Surface is available in comfortably padded and seamless, dent- and germ-resistant ClintonClean™ styles.

Portable Phlebotomy Stand: Much like the stationary stand, but without the half round draw surface, this four-wheel stand easily fits all of your phlebotomy essentials. It’s available in one- and two-bin models to suit your particular organizing style. All models feature ClintonClean™ plastic tops and bumper-guard protection on their bases.

Mobile Phlebotomy Workstation:  Elegant.  Simple.  Affordable.  Our Mobile Phlebotomy
Workstation is a minimalist work of art. Available with or without drop-in bin, this station features five wheels; a durable, vacuum-formed ABS plastic top with textured finish; and is a breeze to clean. It is the ultimate tool for phlebotomists who know exactly what they need, when they need it.

Do you have questions on our phlebotomy station solutions?  Please leave them in the comment box below!

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  • January 20, 2016 - 11:58 am | Permalink

    It’s interesting to learn that new phlebotomists usually pack around extra things they wont need. My wife is going through the process of learning about phlebotomy. I’m sure she would really enjoy reading your article and maybe even make some changes because of it. Thanks for the info and advice!

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