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5 Tips for Creating the Best Healthcare Entryway Mat System

Just because your entryway mats let you walk all over them doesn’t mean they don’t deserve your attention and respect.

Their arrangement, condition, and location speak volumes about your healthcare facility. Yes, seriously. What is a patient to think when he or she arrives at your facility and sees a shabby, worn, undersized entryway mat with a corner turned up, just waiting to cause an accident?

An organized entryway mat system is about way more than aesthetics. It is a critical part of a positive patient experience.

Here are five tips for creating the best entryway mat system for your healthcare facility.

Choose the right sizes and shapes for your entryways: We offer a variety of sizes and shapes, each suited for certain types of entryways and areas:

  • Half-Oval: Smaller entryways; offices and specialist facilities
  • One-End: High-traffic entryways
  • Two-End: Large information desks and check-in counters
  • Rectangle: Largest entryways

Select mats that do their job and look good doing it: Get mats that work hard and never look tired. Our Waterhog mats feature a 3/8” thick, bi-level surface that removes and stores dirt and moisture beneath shoe level between cleanings. The mats’ “Water Dam” allows them to hold up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard. And they don’t even break a sweat.

Stick with certified slip-resistant mats: The National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) certifies select floor mats as “high-traction” products when they meet the organization’s strict criteria. It’s an important stamp – one that shouldn’t be overlooked in favor of cost savings (See the full list of NFSI-certified products here).

Promote environmental friendliness: Your “green-ness” is of interest to certain patients, and the savvier among them will see your true colors. Our Waterhog mats are made from 100% post consumer-recycled PET fabric reclaimed from plastic drink bottles. Their SBR rubber backing contains 20% recycled rubber from car tires. Consider, too, that their rubber-reinforced material extends their life and you’ll realize these entryway solutions are as friendly to your budget as they are to the earth.

Provide a message at your entrance: Customized entryway mats are a great way to leave a lasting impression. A well-placed logo shows polish and makes your healthcare facility stand out in a sea of generic institutions. Our custom logo floor mat options are an affordable way to remind your patients exactly where they are having the best experience they’ve ever had.

Thanks for reading!  Got a question about our healthcare entryway mats?  Please leave it in the comment box below!

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