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Top 3 Active Seating Solutions for Spring Fitness

The dangers of sitting frequently for long periods of time have been well publicized. Studies suggest correlations between prolonged sedentary behavior and diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

Findings such as these further substantiate what we’ve known for centuries: We are meant to move.

Now, you may think, “I’m a runner so I’m all good. Thanks anyway.” Unfortunately, research shows that chronic sitters risk earlier deaths, even if they’re physically active.

So what is a healthcare professional to do short of reviewing charts while riding an elliptical bike?

The answer: Sit smarter.

Active seating makes the most of countless hours spent poring over slides and paperwork by engaging your body in fun ways. While active seating alone is no replacement for regular exercise, its health benefits are significant. Improved circulation, increased core strength, and back pain relief are among the numerous reasons so many are turning to this revolutionary seating alternative.

Whether you’re looking to get fit for spring or simply want to break free from a bad relationship with your chair, we have all the information you need to choose the best active seating solution for you.

Here are our top three active seating solutions that better your sitting experience.

Swopper Ergonomic Stool: The Swopper is pure guiltless fun – like zero calorie ice cream that somehow tastes good AND is good for you. The secret? Swopper’s 3-D movement, featuring adjustable height, active vertical engagement, and 360-degree movement. This unique motion is great for strengthening your core. It comes in a variety of colors and is available with fabric or vinyl seat material. Warning: your coworkers will want to sit in it pretty much all the time. Prepare to share.

Muvman Ergonomic Perching Stool: Perching is not just for the birds. Muvman is perfect for impromptu meetings and working on the fly. This sit-lean-stand solution features a four-degree permanent tilt that aligns your body to working surfaces. The movable joint allows you to move side-to-side, making it easier to grab that pen that normally would be just out of reach. Its unique, award-winning design encourages better circulation in your lower extremities. When you’re ready to move on, simply carry Muvman by its comfortable, built-in handle.

3Dee Ergonomic Task Chair: 3Dee might look kind of like a traditional chair, but that’s where the similarities end. It boasts the same 3-D movement technology as Swopper with the familiarity of a backrest. This, however, is no ordinary backrest. Its lamellar (thin plate) technology supports your back’s curves without restricting your freedom of movement. 3Dee’s slightly convex “intelligent” seat offers superior comfort by avoiding pressure points. This is a chair that you won’t mind spending one-third of your days in.

Got questions on any of our active seating solutions? Please leave them in the comment box below!

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