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5 Things an Inadequate Anti-Fatigue Mat Says about You

You can tell a lot about a healthcare professional by his or her anti-fatigue mat of choice.

Proper coverage – that is, the correct 1:1 mat-to-counter-length ratio – shows balance. It lets your colleagues and supervisors know that a high standard of comfort, protection, and safety is important to you.

A poorly sized or shaped anti-fatigue mat can be tough on your body and your reputation. We’re familiar with the challenges of uniform mat sizing. “The big one is too long” or “too wide.” “Our counter is oddly shaped, so I guess we’ll have to live with this big coverage gap.”

No you don’t! Help is available. We have a variety of customizable anti-fatigue solutions to meet your needs.

Still unconvinced that your mat matters? Here are five things an inadequate anti-fatigue mat says about you:

1) You’re a loner … or a space invader:  If you’re standing on a tiny anti-fatigue mat at a huge counter with no other mats in sight, it could send one of two equally troubling messages: 1) You are not interested in sharing counter space, or 2) You enjoy working way too closely with others. A 2’W x 3’L mat is not a party boat – sharing is discouraged. Avoid unflattering personality assessments by providing ample mat space for you and your coworkers.

2) You don’t care about your feet: When your anti-fatigue mat doesn’t cover your usual daily standing area, you are making a statement, and that statement is: My feet might hurt later, and I’m OK with that. This might lead colleagues to wonder what else you don’t care about. Properly fitting shoes? Personal hygiene? Better to get a well fitting anti-fatigue mat so not to attract unwanted scrutiny.

3) You don’t care about other people’s feet: While you might not think your feet deserve to be pain free, your coworkers could very well place a higher value on their own, and rightfully so. Neglecting your own feet is your business, but dragging other people’s feet into your self-imposed misery is inexcusable. Happier feet equal happier shifts.

4) You never spill: Mats typically serve one or more of three primary purposes: comfort, slip prevention, and floor protection. The third is especially true of work environments with lots of liquids and chemicals. Assuming one of your goals is not to spill potentially damaging fluids directly onto the floor, you must be a mix-and-pour master if you have a tiny anti-fatigue mat. They should name a reagent after you.

5) You need to travel more: There’s an entire lab counter for you to explore beyond your short anti-fatigue mat. Perhaps you’ve seen pictures or heard stories about it. Or maybe you’ve thrown caution to the wind and ventured out along its harsh, mat-less terrain. If so, we admire your courage, but remain greatly concerned. Safely broaden your horizons by extending your anti-fatigue mat coverage along the full length of your counter surface.

Got questions on our anti-fatigue mat options? Please leave them in the comment box below!

Ready to get the right mat coverage for your work area?  We offer durable, customized solutions ideal for wet or dry areas to fit your unique space.  Call (800) 237-3604 for a free quote!

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