9 Reasons Lab Techs Rock!

No group of healthcare professionals balances hard work and fun better than lab techs. These knowledgeable, talented men and women are a vital part of any healthcare facility. Their dedication helps save lives, and their personalities make labs – anywhere they grace with their presence, for that matter – entertaining places to be.

Here are 9 reasons lab techs rock.

Lab techs will ruin crime shows for you: OK, this only sort of rocks. Don’t invite your lab tech buddies over to watch crime shows unless you want them to tell you the crime lab tech is only using a centrifuge to “look science-y.” Consider watching shows about zombies with them instead. If they criticize the appearance of their flesh-eating bacteria, stick with dinner and board games.

Lab techs look good in lab coats:  You might think this is probably a good look for anyone. Not so. Lab coats have a way of flattering healthcare professionals and no one else. Why? It could be the confidence and expertise shining through. Or it could be that lab coats bulge defiantly in weird places when they sense an imposter wearing them.

Lab techs see the world differently: Spending lots of time looking through a microscope can be both a gift and a curse. On one hand, lab techs are liable to have an intense appreciation for such natural beauty as fall colors, for example. On the other hand, don’t expect them to be thrilled when they see a busboy wiping a table with a visibly soiled rag. Disinfecting is serious business.

Lab techs are organized: When color coding and labeling are this essential to your job, supreme organization usually becomes second nature. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they alphabetize their socks based on brand name. However, there’s a good chance their music collection is sorted into over 100 playlists.

Lab techs are expert multitaskers: Prioritizing and reprioritizing within seconds is not unheard of. Emergency situations require flexibility, quick thinking, and calmness under pressure. Most workers are familiar with deadlines. Most do not have experience juggling multiple STATs at a time when lives may depend on them.

Lab techs are slightly twisted: It’s nearly impossible to analyze bodily fluids and parasites all day and not develop an offbeat sense of humor. Don’t be surprised if your birthday present comes in a specimen cup. It can be interesting when they head the cake committee, too.

Lab techs have an eye for detail: Want to know if that dress you love matches your favorite shoes? Ask your lab tech BFF. Acute visual discernment is just one of the many heightened abilities lab techs possess. They’re the ones we should have been listening to during all the gold-white or blue-black dress madness.

Lab techs aren’t easily grossed out: Don’t assume, but it’s probably OK to talk about your pesky, persistent rash over a meal. If someone can work with stool samples all morning and not lose his or her appetite for lunch, there probably isn’t much that will make them gag. Iron stomachs come with the territory. Just be polite and don’t ask them to inspect it.

Lab techs are punctual: Precise timing is of the utmost importance when it comes many day-to-day lab duties. Procrastination and tardiness aren’t really options. You can often expect that to translate to punctuality in their personal lives. When your lab tech friends say they’ll be somewhere at a certain time, they will be. Try not to keep them waiting.

Are you a lab tech or know one? Let us know the reasons lab techs rock in the comment box below!

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