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5 Innovative New Solutions for Common Healthcare Facility Problems

We know that healthcare facilities face a variety of challenges on a day-to-day basis. Some of those challenges are shared by other industries.

For example, what organization doesn’t want an effective, clean way to control insects?

Other problems are much more unique to healthcare. We know that cardboard boxes are bad for air quality and infection control, yet are often the go-to for vial storage. We don’t think you should have to settle for that!

Our team of product development specialists is constantly identifying new ways to make your job safer, easier, and more enjoyable. Here five innovative new solutions for common healthcare facility problems.

Problem #1: Using old shipping boxes for vial storage encourages the spread of pathogens.

Solution: Vial Caddies. Ditch the nasty cardboard and opt for these clean, acrylic vial storage solutions. Their stackable design saves you a lot of space in your refrigerator and storage room. These caddies accommodate three vial sizes – small, 20mL, and 50mL.

Problem #2: BUGS!

Solution: UV Insect Control System. Traditional bug zappers might do the job, but they don’t make a very appealing sound. Bothersome though they may be, does anyone really want to hear insects getting electrocuted? The UV Insect Control System uses UV light to lure insects to an adhesive board. Clean, effective, and no zapping!

Problem #3: Stacks of tattered old magazines look sloppy.

Solution: In-View Literature Display. This is an attractive, sturdy alternative to the cliché pile of years-old waiting room reading material. Available in free standing and rotary designs, this unique display system keeps all of your literature viewable, organized, and protected. For those keeping score, it’s also GREENGUARD certified for low chemical emissions.

Problem #4: Isolation stations can be quickly beaten up in high-traffic areas.

Solution: Premium Steel Isolation Stations. These stations are built to withstand years of knocks and still look great. Made of either stainless steel or powder coated titanium, they are easy to clean, load, and mount and will reliably dispense your PPE for years.

Problem #5: Ordinary linen carts are a hotbed for bacteria.

Solution: Tall Soiled Bulk Linen Truck with Vestex® Protection. This novel new cart features an anti-microbial inside shelf that prevents the acquisition, retention, and oversaturation of contaminants. Vestex is also stain-resistant, meaning these carts will maintain their clean, professional look for a long time. Vestex protection is wearable, too!

Got questions on any of our new solutions? Please leave them in the comment box below!

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  • September 8, 2015 - 5:14 am | Permalink

    Hi Aaron,

    Very well said those you mentioned above were really some of the problems our healthcare facility faced. You really did a good job on the way you arrange it in a manner where it can be easily understand.

    This is a great article gonna share it to my friends. Thank you.

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