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How to Prevent Sample Spoilage and Loss

By Brad Jung
Guest Contributor

The repercussions of specimen spoilage and loss are wide ranging, and none of them are minor.

The best case scenario is embarrassment. A mea culpa is offered to the patient and a new sample is collected. It’s awkward, inexcusable, and can be nerve wracking for the patient.  In addition, it creates additional expense for the laboratory and delays critical diagnoses.

The worst case can be catastrophic. Specimen spoilage can lead to misdiagnosis, potentially jeopardizing a patient’s life and costing your healthcare organization in lawsuits, attorney fees and/or settlements.

These costly possibilities are entirely preventable thanks to a revolutionary new sample tracking solution.

The T-Tracks™ Specimen Temperature-Location Tracker Service is the smartest, most reliable way to know your samples’ status and correct problems before they become larger.

T-Tracks offers real-time temperature, location, and alerts to help ensure successful specimen transit and delivery.  State-of-the-art sensors and cloud-based technology provide the most accurate, detailed, and thorough account of sample temperature and location from point A to B and everywhere in between.

This is huge for three reasons. One, specimens can be cooled at the first sign of dangerously rising temperatures; couriers and lab workers both receive warning alerts on their mobile devices or web-based dashboards, prompting them to take immediate action. Two, regulatory compliance is a non-issue; your sample data is stored safely in the cloud, with daily, weekly, and monthly reports available any time – no more manual logbooks!  Three, you and your lab have data to ensure couriers are adhering to your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

If you’re fortunate enough never to have encountered sample spoilage or loss, I personally applaud you and your couriers’ care and diligence. If you’re simply seeking reassurance that your current methods are effective, T-Tracks will provide that, too.

“We love T-Tracks’ unique ability to monitor sample temperature and location in real-time while transporting coolers,” said Jim Hobbs, president of Am-Tran Courier Service in San Francisco.

“It confirms our process is working.”

Brad Jung is Executive Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Lab Sensor Solutions, the creator of T-Tracks™, a mobile sensor platform that provides real time sensor data. Formed in 2014, the company is headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, and has drawn on the best talent to create its sample tracking solutions.

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