9 Reasons Nurses Are Magnificent

However much praise a nurse receives on any given day probably isn’t enough.

There are about 3.4 million people throughout the U.S. that have the knowledge, ability, and heart to accept this difficult, rewarding healthcare role. Every single one of them deserves our deepest thanks.

Here are nine reasons nurses are magnificent.

They are compassionate: Nursing is a career that attracts men and women who care deeply for others. Nurses truly put their patients’ comfort and needs above their own. When you tell your nurse you’re in pain, it means something, and he or she will do whatever is within his or her power to help.

They keep calm under pressure: In addition to their knowledge and expertise, nurses must often demonstrate quick thinking skills and nerves of steel. In many crisis situations, when there is no time for deliberation, they must count on their extensive training and sharp instincts to save lives. This is a kind of pressure few are prepared to handle.

They maintain professionalism: Many nurses have had vile insults hurled at them. Too often this is the thanks they get for caring for their patients’ well-being and, sometimes, helping save their lives. Fortunately, these amazing caregivers can withstand a considerable amount of negativity. Of course, that doesn’t mean they deserve it.

They are patient: Oh, what’s that? Neither you nor your entire extended family heard the nurse any of the three times she asked for fewer visitors in the room? OK, cool. Nurses tend to cut patients’ loved ones some slack knowing that difficult times often call for tolerance and flexibility. Try not to take advantage of their good nature.

They are trustworthy: For 13 straight years, nurses have topped an annual Gallup public poll that ranks professions in terms of trustworthiness, besting medical doctors, firefighters, and members of the clergy. It’s a distinction that comes as little surprise to those who have observed their honesty and ethical standards. Nurses are tireless patient advocates who will not hesitate to buck popular opinion if need be.

They possess incredible emotional strength: It takes an amazing kind of person to witness so much tragedy on a regular basis and allow it neither to consume nor desensitize. Nurses are uniquely able to cope with others’ feelings along with their own and somehow manage not to let them impair their performance. They are the epitome of grace.

They are hard workers: It’s not uncommon for nurses to go hours if not an entire 12-hour shift without lunch or restroom breaks. Think about the last time you had to hold it on a long road trip. Then consider scrambling from one patient room to the next without resting your feet … for 12 hours. Talk about putting others’ needs above your own.

They are fantastic listeners: When your nurse asks you how you’re feeling this morning, it’s not just a courtesy. It’s an opportunity to be open about any progress or pain you’re experiencing. Sometimes the fix is as easy as a repositioned pillow. Other times, the doctor should know immediately. Remember:  your nurse is often the most direct and effective line of communication to your attending physician.

They are funny: Nurses’ unique brand of humor has just the right way of lifting the spirits of those in need. That doesn’t apply only to patients and their families. Nurses are a tight-knit network of caring healthcare professionals who look out for each other as well as their patients. Sometimes a corny joke or a goofy dance is the best medicine.

Are you a nurse or are you close with one? Please tell us why you love nurses in the comment box below!

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