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6 Reimagined Infection Prevention Essentials

The best ideas do not end. Once they’ve taken shape, they are revisited and improved upon continuously to fulfill ever changing needs.

This notion rings especially true in the infection prevention world. A seemingly minor tweak can transform a tried-and-true product solution into a revolutionary new way to prevent the spread of superbugs and other pathogens.

Here are six infection prevention essentials reimagined in order to protect a broader range of healthcare professionals and facilities.

Latex-Free Gloves in Extended Lengths: This one’s bit of a head-scratcher. With so many workplaces going latex free, one might think it would be easy to find long, latex-free gloves. It’s not. Latex-free gloves that protect up to the elbow and beyond are hard to come by. Well, consider this one of the biggest no-brainers you’ll ever see.

Isolation Stations on Wheels: Wall-mounted supply stations are ideal solutions for some, but not necessarily for those with huge facilities and limited budgets. So, what’s the best way to cover more ground? Go mobile. Mobile Isolation Stations allow healthcare professionals to move PPE where it’s needed most. They hold lots of supplies and can be outfitted with special accessory holders to accommodate hand sanitizer pumps and wipes, gloves, eye shields, and masks.

Complete Facial Protection: Ordinary face shields leave a significant portion of your face and neck vulnerable to splashes and sprays. When it comes to facial protection, it’s not the thought that counts – it’s the execution. Don’t settle for better than nothing. Choose a shield that guards your entire face against exposure to pathogens and harmful chemicals.

Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizing Wipes: Few supplies have revolutionized infection prevention like hand sanitizer. It’s become an acceptable and often preferred alternative to traditional hand washing in healthcare settings. Many still rely on hand sanitizers with ethyl and isopropyl alcohol bases, which raise flammability and toxicity concerns, but times are changing (Read 5 Reasons to Switch to Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer). Alcohol-free Kleenhanz® Hand Sanitizer Wipes kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria on contact and leave your hands feeling soft and smooth.

Inside-Out Infection Control: As mentioned earlier, wall-mounted isolation stations can be powerful, infection-fighting forces. Still, they’ve yet to be perfected. For all their accessibility and convenience, they tend to susceptible to cross contamination, for example. For those seeking greater protection, the Anti-Microbial Isolation Station is a wise choice. It’s constructed from anti-microbial Kydex to further reduce infection risks.

Foldable PPE Organizing Solutions: Introducing one of the most ingenious infection prevention solutions in recent memory. Mesh Hanging Isolation Stations are there when you need them and gone when you don’t. They are easy to place on patient doors when outfitted with the appropriate hanger. After use, simply wash and fold away until the next use. They are ideal for any healthcare facility looking to save space and trim costs.

Got questions on any of our infection prevention essentials? Please leave them in the comment box below!

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