Patient Satisfaction

4 Affordable Patient Satisfaction Hacks

Improving low patient satisfaction scores isn’t necessarily about throwing lots of money at the problem.

In fact, some of the most effective solutions involve making simple, budget-friendly tweaks – a supply change here, a minor workflow change there. You might even find that refining your patient-focused approach boosts your team’s overall efficiency.

Raising HCAHPS scores and ensuring your healthcare facility gets the funding it deserves requires dedication and thoughtfulness, but not necessarily big bucks. Here are four easy and affordable patient satisfaction hacks designed to protect every single reimbursement dollar.Ultralite Stethoscope

Make every touch a warm one: Cold medical instruments are an unpleasant surprise to patients – one that can be easily avoided. Be sensitive to their comfort and use a stethoscope that has a non-chill bell and diaphragm.  Expect absolutely no reaction when you hold this to your patients’ chests. Sometimes the best immediate feedback is complete indifference.

Don’t pinch … it’s rude: When applied in a hurry, tourniquets can be painful. Your patient could see this as a sign that you don’t care about his or her comfort. For those who tend to tie tourniquets on the tighter side, reusable clip style might be the way to go. This tourniquet can be applied, adjusted, and released with one hand and are designed not to pinch, catch or jam.

Prevent falls AND provide comfort: Fall prevention blankets should serve two purposes: identify patients who are a fall risk, and offer non-itchy, cozy warmth. These fall prevention blankets come in two vivid colors, red and yellow. They’re also the perfect heat source in potentially chilly waiting areas and drafty corridors.Thermoflect Blankets

Ensure continuous, non-restricting warmth: Heaps of blankets might keep patients warm enough, but they can become uncomfortable when they impede their movement and they raise your laundry expenses. The solution? Disposable blankets that use reflective heat technology. Place them over top of traditional blankets and help retain heat that would otherwise be lost.

Thanks for reading! Do you have questions on any of our patient satisfaction hacks? Please leave them in the comment box below!

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