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5 Things Louder than Titan Draw Carts

Noisy draw carts can decrease patient satisfaction. They also can make healthcare professionals self conscious, especially when rolling over uneven surfaces. No one wants to be the loud one in a place of healing and rest.

Your draw cart should never draw negative attention. Titan Draw Carts are built for many years of loyal, quiet service. In fact, they are closer to silent than any other draw cart you’ll find.

Here are five things that are surprisingly louder than Titan Draw Carts:

Certain ninjas: Some ninjas are clumsier than others. We won’t say Titan Draw Carts are quieter than all ninjas, but they’re definitely quieter than ninjas who occasionally drop their nunchucks or trip and fall down. Chances are you wouldn’t keep those kinds of ninjas around if you’re serious about improving patient satisfaction, even if they could transport lots of phlebotomy supplies, which they probably couldn’t because their wardrobe typically doesn’t have many pockets.

Ineffective whispering: People whisper to impart information at a volume audible only to the intended recipient. Not all succeed. Failed whispering is especially common among those whose regular speaking volume is nearly as loud as most people’s yelling volume. This can be embarrassing, but usually not as embarrassing as the secrets a rattling or squeaky draw cart reveals. You can confide in a Titan Draw Cart about anything and trust that it will never be repeated.

Heavy breathing:  You can push your Titan Draw Cart for several miles every day and it will never pant or break a sweat. It doesn’t need rest days. It also resists the temptation of unhealthy food. You’re not going to catch it drooling and breathing heavily while staring at a delicious looking piece of chocolate cake. This cart stays in great shape and has as much willpower as any other phlebotomy cart on the market.

Moderately crunchy foods: This is not an exact science. A very noisy chewer, for example, could eat a bowl of ice cream more loudly than a very quiet chewer eats kettle chips. Think in terms of averages. It’s safe to say that Titan Draw Carts make less noise than most people do when they eat a relatively crunchy food such as mixed nuts, especially a heart-healthy mix that contains many almonds.

Some ceiling fans: You know the type. It has three speeds: low, medium, and why. When set to why, it shakes and terrifies anyone underneath it. Its clicking sound adds to the fear at first, but soon it becomes a comforting reminder that the fan is still attached to the ceiling. Titan Draw Carts do not shake violently or make unsettling noises; they are built to handle your top speed.

Thanks for reading. Got questions about our Titan Draw Carts or how amazingly quiet they are? Please leave them in the comment box below!

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