The Key to Effective Healthcare Asset Tracking and Loss Prevention

Equipment misplacement and theft are serious threats to your healthcare facility’s budget and security.

According to a survey by healthcare supplier network VHA, Inc., theft committed by patients alone costs hospitals at least $52 million annually. While relatively inexpensive items such as towels and bed linens are among those typically pilfered, more costly devices such as laptops also are vulnerable.

The concern here is larger than lost money. Your patients’ privacy and your organization’s reputation are at stake. One incident is all it takes to deal a devastating blow to your operations.

Improving or creating your healthcare asset tracking system

If you don’t have an asset tracking system you can trust, it’s time to implement one. It’s not as time-consuming as you might think. In fact, there’s a good chance that the time you spend properly tracking your healthcare assets will amount to much less than what you would’ve wasted searching for missing ones.

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology makes asset tracking fast and easy. Instead of hunting for inconveniently located barcodes and combing through messy paperwork, you can scan entire hospital rooms and medical laboratories in mere seconds.

Making the smartest technology choice

Invisi-Tag is a unique solution designed to save healthcare professionals time and money. It combines RFID, mobile app technology, and automated processes to simplify asset tracking in ways obsolete alternatives cannot. It’s easy to use and can be set up right away.

The Invisi-Tag Handheld RFID Asset Tracker Starter System includes a handheld RFID reader, 35 tags, and a Nexus 7™ Tablet (4G) with rugged case. The handheld reader can detect tags from up to 40 feet away. You assign tags to any items you want to track and monitor your inventory with the Invisi-Tag app, compatible with the Nexus 7 tablet provided or with any other Android or iOS device. Simply stand in the doorway of a hospital room or lab, scan with the reader, and see what’s there, what’s missing, and what’s not supposed to be there that is. All inventory reports can be generated as Excel spreadsheets. Click here to learn more.

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