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4 Ways to Get the Most from Your Specimen Transport Totes

It is not OK to treat specimen transport totes the way kids treat their school backpacks – even if they’re empty.

Totes need love, too. Treat them well and they will do their job for years. Store them haphazardly and you’ll be replacing them way sooner than you ought to be. When every budget dollar counts, can you really afford not to take proper care of these specimen handling essentials?

Getting the most out of your totes starts with giving them a good home when not in use. Hanging them in a designated location keeps them safe from scuffs and tears.

Here are four ways to get the most from your specimen transport totes.

Hang them like coats: There’s a reason coat racks haven’t fallen out of favor. It’s a simple, effective concept – one that works for more than outerwear. Tote stands (right) are perfect for facilities with limited space. They fit nicely into corners and provide a can’t-miss designated location for all of your unused totes. Store up to eight at a time!

Choose easily movable storage: Same concept as the tote stand, but with more storage potential and convenient mobility. These durable, lightweight tote racks are made of PVC and are an affordable solution for healthcare spaces in flux. Even when loaded with totes, it moves easily from one location to another. Add as many hooks to your hang bars as you’ll need.

Maximize your storage space: This tote rack with zinc finish (left) borrows from and builds upon the idea of movable tote rack storage. In addition its two hang bars, it features two shelves that can be adjusted in one-inch increments. They are great places to store extra transport tote accessories such as tube racks, inserts, and urine cup foam racks.

Move your heaviest totes the smart way: Unless lugging around weighty totes loaded with ice is your idea of a fun workout, you might want to consider investing in a transport cart. This follows the same premise as suitcases on wheels. Simply secure your tote with the included bungee-style tie-downs and away you go. Now no one has a single excuse to drag a tote across the floor ever again!

Got questions on any of our specimen transport solutions? Please leave them in the comment box below!

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