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The Easiest Way to Create Patient-Ready Rooms

Effective patient care begins long before the patient even enters your facility.

Once a patient is discharged, his or her room must be inspected and possibly restocked to ensure the next patient and group of care providers have everything they need. If this doesn’t happen in a timely manner, it can lead to costly delays and compromised treatment.

For years, hospitals and other healthcare organizations have relied on complex inventory management systems and messy manual checklists to track assets.

There is now a better way.

With Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) asset management, medical professionals are simplifying this critical and often time-consuming task. Instead of trying to track down every single item that may or may not be in the room, you can stand in the doorway, perform one handheld reader scan, and gather all the info you need instantly. The result? Faster room turnover, shorter wait times, and increased patient satisfaction.

How it works

Invisi-Tag combines RFID, a mobile app, and Bluetooth® technology to provide the most efficient and comprehensive asset tracking system in healthcare. The handheld reader detects RFID tags, which you can assign to any item you want to track. Tags can be read up to 40 feet away.

Inventory is tracked using the Invisi-Tag app, which is compatible with a provided Nexus 7 4G tablet or any other Android or iOS device. The app communicates with your handheld reader via Bluetooth.

Building your patient-ready room checklist

Using the Invisi-Tag app, you can create an electronic checklist of all the items that are supposed to be in any given room. Simply name the “job” after the room you’re tracking (e.g. emergency room, operating room, labor and delivery, etc.) and assign tags to your equipment and devices.

After you’ve scanned an area, checklist items either will be highlighted in green, meaning they’re accounted for; or red, indicating they are missing. Any item highlighted in yellow is present, but belongs in a different location. Every scan generates a report as a convenient Excel spreadsheet.

Do you have questions on creating patient-ready rooms using Invisi-Tag? Please leave them in the comment box below!

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