5 Reasons Nurses Are the Best Friends You Can Have

If you have a nurse for a friend, you know you have won the friendship lottery. You would be hard-pressed to a better listener and confidante. Nurses are compassionate, sensitive, funny, and just plain fun to be around. Their passion for life is contagious, and their love knows no bounds.

Here are five reasons nurses are the best friends you could ever hope for.

They put your needs ahead of their own: Got your eye on the last slice of pizza? Chances are your nurse BFF isn’t going to fight you for it. Nurses tend to be unselfish to the extreme – sometimes to a fault. They are so concerned with making sure others are comfortable and happy that they occasionally neglect their own desires and needs. Be mindful of this when reaping the benefits of their generosity.

They’ll (usually) look at your weird rash, lump, etc.:  Again, this is a generalization. Several factors come into play, including how close the two of you are and whether your pal just completed a split shift. Before you go sticking your cyst in their face, ask yourself if it’s the right time. It’s wise to establish ground rules (e.g. no ingrown hairs during dinner) to avoid misunderstandings.   

They think and act fast: Nurses are incredibly quick on their feet. They have to be. Their floor can go from being completely quiet to splitting at the seams in a matter of seconds. This reality requires lots of mental gymnastics and expert prioritization. Their minds are limber, which makes them particularly good trivia night partners. Oh, they might just save your life, too … but try not to put them in that position if you can help it.

They work hard: Nurses get the job done, plain and simple. There is no room for shortcuts, half measures, and procrastination in their world. Wasted time can put patients’ lives in jeopardy. Sure, nurses know how to have fun, but it’s their no-nonsense work attitude that makes them especially valuable when it comes to such daunting tasks as house painting, cleaning, moving, etc.

They say the right thing at the right time: Nurses seem to have an innate ability to comfort anyone going through a tough time. It’s a talent that, unfortunately, they have to hone regularly when sharing difficult news with families. Their sensitivity shines through and can help ease the most overwhelming pain imaginable. There is no better person to talk to about a bitter breakup or loss of a loved one.

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