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5 Ways to Spread Your Hand Hygiene Message

Everybody knows they’re supposed to practice proper hand hygiene, but that doesn’t mean everybody does.

The importance of hand hygiene in healthcare facilities cannot be overstated. It’s a widely known fact that hand washing is one of the most effective ways of preventing the spread of infection. Sometimes people just need a little extra nudge.

Here are five ways to spread your hand hygiene message faster than a sneeze.

Facebook is your friend: Many healthcare organizations reach thousands of former and would-be patients via their Facebook pages. It’s an effective way to maintain relationships with those you’ve cared for as well as their loved ones. Sharing helpful hand hygiene infographics, statistics, and other information shows that you care. It just might keep a few people from getting sick, too. Don’t wait until flu season. Drop these nuggets of wisdom year round.

Signage, signage everywhere: There is no such thing as having too many hand hygiene signs and labels around your facility. If you’re concerned about repetition, consider switching up the content and presentation. There are lots of straight-forward, humorous, and child-friendly choices available that effectively communicate the importance of proper hand washing and hand sanitizing. Hand hygiene stations are great choices since the sign and the solution are so close together.

Audio cues: With so much visual content in so many places these days, sometimes it takes a strong “voice” to cut through the noise and grab our attention. Patients and visitors might overlook a hand hygiene sign, but they could have a more difficult time ignoring a verbal request. Install a motion-activated Handwash Reminder near your bathrooms and patient rooms to get your message noticed.

Keep hand sanitizers stocked: Perhaps nothing more clearly emphasizes the importance of hand hygiene than maintaining an ample supply of hand sanitizing solutions. Keep your bottles and stations in clearly visible locations. Observe which are getting used most frequently and adjust your placement strategy accordingly. Never make a patient or a visitor search too far or too long.

Awards for kids: One of the best ways to ensure that proper hand hygiene is adhered to for years to come is to make sure young ones understand how important it is. Use positive reinforcement tools – such as candy or stickers – when you’ve noticed children taking the proper steps to help prevent the spread of infection. It could help the wisdom stick long enough to be passed down to future generations.

Do you have questions on any of our tips? Do you have some of your own? Please leave them in the comment box below!

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