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You’re Benched! 5 Ways to Reclaim Your Laboratory Benchtop

You know how it goes—your laboratory is neat and organized one day, and the next you’ve lost your third pen to the massive pile of documents and lab supplies that have managed to build up on your benchtop.

You could give in to the chaos and just start stocking extra supplies, but why feed the bench-space hogs when there are quick, easy solutions for organizing your workspace? Here are five of the biggest laboratory organizational problems and simple solutions for getting them “benched.”

Pens (and paperclips, highlighters, tape dispensers…): Don’t let your office supplies be your undoing! Sort and store your supplies in desktop organizers with multiple shelves, compartments, and drawers, and reduce time spent looking for that missing stapler.

Notes: It started with a sticky note and suddenly you’re writing reminders for notes you’ve already written because the original message is buried somewhere under a pile of notepads and loose-leaf paper. Whiteboard trays and dry-erase boards make it easy to track notes and reminders and are more environmentally friendly than using paper.

The Junk Drawer: That empty drawer just looked so open and inviting, and before you knew it, it became the place to store everything that didn’t have a designated spot. It doesn’t have to be this way—invest in drawer organizers to keep contents sorted and organized.

Organizers: Oh, the irony—you buy organizers to keep your laboratory tidy and create more room, and suddenly there’s nowhere left to work. Consider investing in stackable bins, risers, or wall-mounted panels to expand the storage room in your limited space vertically rather than horizontally.

Tubes: Or, you know, any laboratory essentials that tend to roll or get lost in your workspace (we’re looking at you, too, pipettes!). Easily sort and organize supplies with benchtop bins. If you’re looking for a more versatile storage option, look for a bin with adjustable compartments that can be reconfigured to meet your needs.

Looking for more space-saving solutions? Check out for additional ways to organize your benchtop, workspace, or desktop.

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