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Why a Phlebotomy Chair Can Make or Break a Blood Draw

Your blood draw patients are not all alike, so you cannot expect a single phlebotomy chair to meet all of their needs. Accommodating patients with chairs designed for their body types and tendencies not only leads to easier, safer draws, but also increases satisfaction and comfort.

Patient satisfaction isn’t the only benefit of purchasing phlebotomy chairs with different designs and features for your facility. When patients are correctly situated, clinicians can safely and comfortably access them during blood draws, reducing potential needlestick and MSD injuries and accidents.

Not sure where to start your phlebotomy chair search? Below are several popular and versatile options.

As phlebotomists know, it’s not uncommon for patients to faint or feel lightheaded after blood draws. Reclining chairs allow clinicians to move patients  safe, comfortable positions before, during, and after draws. The adjustable design also creates a more relaxed experience for patients and allows for convenient clinician access without awkward positioning. The result is safer, faster draws.

Do you care for patients with many different body types? Extra wide chairs are generally a comfortable choice for bariatric patients, but they have other benefits as well. Their spaciousness often is enough to accommodate a nervous child and parent. Tall phlebotomy chairs offer ample space for tall patients to stretch out their legs. Both chair types are ideal for creating comfortable positioning during blood draws for phlebotomists and their patients.

While not all encompassing in terms of meeting the needs of every patient, power chairs come the closest to being your all-in-one-phlebotomy-chair solution. Power chairs allow clinicians to position patients quickly and easily, expediting the blood-draw process and allowing for a more productive day. Most power chairs come with hands-free lift controls for ease of use. Also, since the chairs can accommodate a wide range of body types, they provide maximum comfort for patients, and allow clinicians to more comfortably access draw sites with reduced risk of injuries and accidents.

Check out MarketLab’s comprehensive line of phlebotomy chairs for even more versatile seating options.

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