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4 Fun Phlebotomy Order of Draw Mnemonics

One of the most important sets of information a beginning phlebotomist must memorize is phlebotomy order of draw. Blood must be drawn in a specific way to prevent cross-contamination and ensure test result accuracy. Process is everything.

Remembering correct phlebotomy order of draw can be easy if you use a mnemonic, or memory tool, to make the tube colors and types stand out. Build a funny, clever, or catchy sentence by creating new words from the first letter of every tube. Tying them to an interest of yours is an effective way to ensure they’ll stick with you.

Here are four examples of mnemonics built using the Clinical Laboratory Standard Institute’s prescribed order of draw. Bear in mind that some facilities have their own unique draw order, and that order is the only one that should be followed!

For the lactose tolerant

  1. Brie (Blood Culture), Limburger (Light Blue), Ricotta (Red), Gorgonzola (Green), Leyden (Lavender), and Gouda (Gray): Cheese lovers shouldn’t have a hard time with this list — except for maybe limburger, which is definitely an acquired taste! The only problem you might have with this memory tool is lusting for your lunch.

For the kindhearted

  1. BLoving, Respectful, Gracious, Lighthearted, and Gentle: This is good advice for phlebotomists or, for that matter, any other healthcare professional. Why not use phlebotomy order of draw to reinforce the sort of positivity you’ll need on a daily basis.

For the sports fans

  1. Baseball Legends Ruth, Gehrig, Lasorda, and Gwynn: Baseball fans seem to have a knack for memorizing statistics and obscure information. They might not be able to recite all 312 members of the National Baseball Hall of Fame, but surely they can recall these three great players (Ruth, Gehrig, Gwynn) and one amazing manager (Lasorda).

For the greenthumbs

  1. Beautiful Lilies, Roses, Geraniums, and Lilacs Grow: Here’s one that gardeners might particularly enjoy . If these aren’t your favorite flowers that begin with these letters, feel free to replace them. After all, it’s your mind garden.

Do you have your own phlebotomy order of draw mnemonics? Got an idea for a good one? Please leave it in the comment box below!

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