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Top 3 Active Seating Solutions for Spring Fitness

The dangers of sitting frequently for long periods of time have been well publicized. Studies suggest correlations between prolonged sedenta [...]

5 Tips for Creating the Best Healthcare Entryway Mat System

Just because your entryway mats let you walk all over them doesn’t mean they don’t deserve your attention and respect. Their arrangement [...]

3 Affordable Phlebotomy Station Solutions that Will Lighten Your Load

Traveling light is a discipline that extends beyond packing luggage. Why do we feel compelled to drag along more than we need?  Why, the wh [...]

3 Active Seating Solutions for Better Health and Productivity

Most task chairs are not designed in your best interest. Your mind and body pay the price for conceptual and material shortcuts. Inferior se [...]

3 Lab Bench Organization Mini Strategies for Huge Efficiency Gains

Lab benches are notorious time thieves. Office and clinical supplies conspire to create a confusing mess without a well-defined organization [...]
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