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3 Lab Bench Organization Mini Strategies for Huge Efficiency Gains

Lab benches are notorious time thieves. Office and clinical supplies conspire to create a confusing mess without a well-defined organization [...]

Fight the Flu with New Ideas

These 5 Small Changes Can Have Big Results This year’s flu season could be nasty according to the CDC and WHO. In addition to your sta [...]

3 Solutions for Histologists Who Don’t Like Damaged Specimens & Want to Keep Their Sanity

Make these a part of your everyday routine to make your every day easier.   Biopsy BagsĀ  — They’re nylon so they’re [...]

Small Change, Big Results: 3 Easy Ways to Keep Blood Bank Processing Simple and Safe

5S Lean processes can help streamline blood bank processing to improve efficiencies and safety. Here are our 3 top solutions for a “le [...]

Small Change, Big Results: Wish There Was an Easier Way to Post Information?

Mount the Flip & Click Quick-Change Wall Frame once and change your message as many times as you want — without ever having to tak [...]

Small Change, Big Results: Yes, Accessorizing Your Glove Dispensers Can Make a Difference

Making gloves easily accessible throughout your facility is easy when you accessorize your glove dispensers. Here’s 3 easy add-ons tha [...]

Small Change, Big Results: An Orderly Procedure Cart Drawer Could Save a Life

The drawers in your procedure carts should be an extension of the 5S Lean processes that are applied in storage rooms. This can be easily ac [...]

Small Change, Big Results: Why You Need to Use Labels on Your Wire Shelves

Labeling is a crucial part of the 5S Lean process of setting things in order. Every item, and location where items are set, should be clearl [...]

Small Change, Big Results: One Clinical Lab’s Success Story

At Florida Hospital, Celebration Health, 5S Lean isn’t necessarily defined as a massive undertaking. Instead, staff of the Orlando-are [...]

Small Change, Big Results: What Works with LabWall?

Now Mounting Supplies on a Wall Near You You may have seen our LabWall organization system, but just not quite sure how it works. It’s [...]
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