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The Dangers of Poor Patient Handling Techniques

When studies show that a person can put about 1,000lb of pressure on their back just by turning a 100lb person on their side, it’s not [...]

Ergonomics in Healthcare: Preventing Phlebotomist Injuries

More than 50% of all healthcare-professional injuries are caused by overexertion, with almost half of those classified as musculoskeletal di [...]

5 Signs Your Chair Wants to Hurt You

Do you suspect your work chair means you harm? You might be right. Forget about inferior designs and cheap materials. Chairs don’t get to [...]

Ergonomics in Healthcare: How to Protect Your Employees and Your Budget

Your healthcare organization cannot afford to disregard any complaints of discomfort from its employees. That doesn’t necessarily mean eve [...]

5 Innovative New Solutions for Common Healthcare Facility Problems

We know that healthcare facilities face a variety of challenges on a day-to-day basis. Some of those challenges are shared by other industri [...]

5 Things an Inadequate Anti-Fatigue Mat Says about You

You can tell a lot about a healthcare professional by his or her anti-fatigue mat of choice. Proper coverage – that is, the correct 1:1 ma [...]

Top 3 Active Seating Solutions for Spring Fitness

The dangers of sitting frequently for long periods of time have been well publicized. Studies suggest correlations between prolonged sedenta [...]

5 Tips for Creating the Best Healthcare Entryway Mat System

Just because your entryway mats let you walk all over them doesn’t mean they don’t deserve your attention and respect. Their arrangement [...]

3 Affordable Phlebotomy Station Solutions that Will Lighten Your Load

Traveling light is a discipline that extends beyond packing luggage. Why do we feel compelled to drag along more than we need?  Why, the wh [...]

3 Easy Ways to Improve Patient Satisfaction

There is no single, well-kept secret when it comes to improving patient satisfaction. First-name use, effective communication, and short wai [...]
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