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3 Active Seating Solutions for Better Health and Productivity

Most task chairs are not designed in your best interest. Your mind and body pay the price for conceptual and material shortcuts. Inferior se [...]

5 Made-in-USA Products Every Healthcare Facility Should Have

Made in USA Means Quality You Can Trust These five products were designed with you in mind by MarketLab’s on-staff engineer. All of th [...]

Repetitive Tasks Don’t Have to Result in Repetitive Stress Injuries

In the clinical laboratory, your work requires repetition in order to get accurate test results and to ensure patient safety. So how do you [...]

If You Sit at Work for More Than 4 Hours, You Need to Read This

Sitting at work to do your job doesn’t mean you’re resting on your laurels. Working for prolonged periods at a computer, microsc [...]

5 Ergonomic Must-Haves for Your Clinical Lab Work Station

Whether you’re just starting an ergonomics program or re-evaluating an existing one, make sure you have these five employee-friendly i [...]

If You Think Investing in an Ergonomics Program is Too Costly, Think Again

Workplace Injuries HurtRepetitive stress injuries, musculoskeletal disorders, cumulative injuries. No matter what you call them, these types [...]
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