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How to Fail Your Next CAP Inspection

College of American Pathologists (CAP) accreditation is one of the most important recognitions for any medical laboratory. Passing a CAP ins [...]

How to Reduce Needlestick and Sharps Injuries

Needlestick and sharps injuries are a major concern at hospitals, healthcare facilities, and laboratories. An estimated 800,000 injuries oc [...]

7 Things that Make Lab Techs Ridiculously Happy

Lab techs are a passionate bunch, but they’re not all that difficult to please. Sure, they’re dreamers (mmm, beers with Bill Nye and Nei [...]

5 Ways to Spread Your Hand Hygiene Message

Everybody knows they’re supposed to practice proper hand hygiene, but that doesn’t mean everybody does. The importance of hand hygiene i [...]

6 Reimagined Infection Prevention Essentials

The best ideas do not end. Once they’ve taken shape, they are revisited and improved upon continuously to fulfill ever changing needs. Thi [...]

5 Flu Hiding Spots You Shouldn’t Overlook

Flu season 2015-16 is fast approaching, and as the virus continues to evolve, so must our defenses. While person-to-person contact is the mo [...]

5 Innovative New Solutions for Common Healthcare Facility Problems

We know that healthcare facilities face a variety of challenges on a day-to-day basis. Some of those challenges are shared by other industri [...]

5 Reasons to Switch to Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer

The healthcare industry has an alcohol problem. When hand sanitizers gained popularity in the 1990s, alcohol bases were the norm. The big qu [...]

3 Affordable Phlebotomy Station Solutions that Will Lighten Your Load

Traveling light is a discipline that extends beyond packing luggage. Why do we feel compelled to drag along more than we need?  Why, the wh [...]

Anti-Microbial, Fluid-Repellent Healthcare Apparel Endorsed by American Hospital Association

myGuardian™ with Vestex® Protection is now officially the new standard by which to measure the effectiveness of all scrubs and lab coats. [...]
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