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3 Misconceptions about Infectious Disease Preparation

As Ebola begins to fade from national headlines, a familiar threat reemerges: complacency. Hospitals and healthcare facilities have been on [...]

6 Environmental Hygiene Solutions to Improve Your Infection Control Practices

Environmental hygiene is a core component of Wash-Wipe-Wear, the most complete infection control strategy. You already know that rigorous su [...]

3 Easy Ways to Improve Patient Satisfaction

There is no single, well-kept secret when it comes to improving patient satisfaction. First-name use, effective communication, and short wai [...]

Wash-Wipe-Wear: The New Infection Control Standard

Wash-and-wipe culture is deeply ingrained in the healthcare industry. Frequent hand sanitizing and thorough surface cleaning are the corners [...]

4 New Ways to Strengthen Your Infection Control Protocol

A flu season as severe as this year’s demands a comprehensive approach to fighting its spread. Regular hand washing and surface wiping, wh [...]

Introducing myGuardian with Vestex Protection, Wearable Peace of Mind

Healthcare apparel and infection control are not only evolving, they are converging. This is a significant, sensible progression in healthca [...]

Glove Dispensers: Why the Anti-Microbial Advantage is Not a Luxury

You see surfaces.  Microorganisms see opportunity. Bed rails, call buttons, door handles, and tray tables are among the most frequently tou [...]

Ebola Preparedness: How Hospitals Are Playing It Safe

Infection Control is in the News Ebola is everywhere in the news, especially since two nurses have contracted the disease while caring for a [...]

Pandemic Flu: Time to Start the Conversation

The novel influenza strain H7N9 has health officials concerned enough to have started vaccine trials in the U.S. Their worry? That during th [...]

Fight the Flu with New Ideas

These 5 Small Changes Can Have Big Results This year’s flu season could be nasty according to the CDC and WHO. In addition to your sta [...]
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