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5 Signs You Are a Lab Legend

Do your fellow lab techs trade stories about your pipetting prowess when you’re not around? Are you considered the king or queen of the ta [...]

How to Fail Your Next CAP Inspection

College of American Pathologists (CAP) accreditation is one of the most important recognitions for any medical laboratory. Passing a CAP ins [...]

How to Feel (and Look) Good in Your Medical Lab

If you’re spending at least half your waking hours working in a medical lab, then shouldn’t you be comfortable and feel good about how y [...]

5 Signs You’re a Night Shift Lab Tech

Night shift changes a lab tech. Gone are the days of waking with the sun, not drinking coffee at 1a, and having a normal social life. It’s [...]

5 Lab Tech Quirks

Lab techs aren’t wired like most people. Maybe their unique perspective comes from spending so many hours analyzing microorganisms.  Or p [...]

You’re Benched! 5 Ways to Reclaim Your Laboratory Benchtop

You know how it goes—your laboratory is neat and organized one day, and the next you’ve lost your third pen to the massive pile of d [...]

7 Things that Make Lab Techs Ridiculously Happy

Lab techs are a passionate bunch, but they’re not all that difficult to please. Sure, they’re dreamers (mmm, beers with Bill Nye and Nei [...]

5 Amazing Lab Tech Superpowers

Lab techs aren’t just talented, dedicated medical professionals – they also happen to be superheroes. Ordinary mortals do not possess th [...]
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