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The Dangers of Poor Patient Handling Techniques

When studies show that a person can put about 1,000lb of pressure on their back just by turning a 100lb person on their side, it’s not [...]

Why a Phlebotomy Chair Can Make or Break a Blood Draw

Your blood draw patients are not all alike, so you cannot expect a single phlebotomy chair to meet all of their needs. Accommodating patient [...]

5 Struggles Phlebotomists Understand Best

Phlebotomists have a challenging job that requires knowledge, dedication, and amazing attention to detail. Not all sticks and draws go smoot [...]

Major Side Effects of High Hospital Noise Volumes

From audible medical equipment alarms to visitors who use waiting areas as their personal conference rooms, hospitals can get pretty noisy. [...]

The 5 Biggest Hospital Noise Culprits

What do the patient who watches their soaps at full volume, that old squeaky cart, and the visitor with the Justin Bieber ringtone that goes [...]

5 Ways to Better Manage Your Blood Draw Workload

There is way more to a blood draw experience than the draw itself. It really begins before the patient even sits down. From greeting to post [...]

How to Reduce Hospital Noise and Improve Patient Satisfaction

So your hospital has a noise problem. It jeopardizes your patients’ health and satisfaction as well as your survey-based reimbursement dol [...]

5 Things Louder than Titan Draw Carts

Noisy draw carts can decrease patient satisfaction. They also can make healthcare professionals self conscious, especially when rolling over [...]

4 Affordable Patient Satisfaction Hacks

Improving low patient satisfaction scores isn’t necessarily about throwing lots of money at the problem. In fact, some of the most eff [...]

4 Conversations Your Patients Don’t Want to Overhear

Voices carry at inopportune times. Healthcare workers must be more mindful than most. Noise is a common complaint among patients. It can imp [...]
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