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5 Ways to Show Phlebs You Care

Phlebotomists, affectionately known as phlebs, are among the most underappreciated healthcare professionals.  Regardless of where they stan [...]

How to Reduce Needlestick and Sharps Injuries

Needlestick and sharps injuries are a major concern at hospitals, healthcare facilities, and laboratories. An estimated 800,000 injuries oc [...]

4 Fun Phlebotomy Order of Draw Mnemonics

One of the most important sets of information a beginning phlebotomist must memorize is phlebotomy order of draw. Blood must be drawn in a s [...]

Why a Phlebotomy Chair Can Make or Break a Blood Draw

Your blood draw patients are not all alike, so you cannot expect a single phlebotomy chair to meet all of their needs. Accommodating patient [...]

5 Struggles Phlebotomists Understand Best

Phlebotomists have a challenging job that requires knowledge, dedication, and amazing attention to detail. Not all sticks and draws go smoot [...]

Ergonomics in Healthcare: Preventing Phlebotomist Injuries

More than 50% of all healthcare-professional injuries are caused by overexertion, with almost half of those classified as musculoskeletal di [...]

7 Thoughts All Phlebotomists Have

Phlebotomists are knowledgeable, talented healthcare professionals whose work helps save lives. They also happened to choose a career that i [...]

5 Ways to Better Manage Your Blood Draw Workload

There is way more to a blood draw experience than the draw itself. It really begins before the patient even sits down. From greeting to post [...]

5 Things Phlebotomists Hear on Repeat

If only the comments and pick-up lines phlebotomists hear were unique. It’s as if there’s one very short book on how to get under a phle [...]

5 Things Louder than Titan Draw Carts

Noisy draw carts can decrease patient satisfaction. They also can make healthcare professionals self conscious, especially when rolling over [...]
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