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8 Ways Phlebotomists and Vampires Are Different

Halloween is right around the corner. You know what that means: it’s time to prove once again that phlebotomists are not vampires. This my [...]

4 Ways to Comfort Kids During Blood Draws

Few kids are fans of getting poked with needles. Some would probably rather check their own closet for monsters at bedtime while eating Brus [...]

3 Affordable Phlebotomy Station Solutions that Will Lighten Your Load

Traveling light is a discipline that extends beyond packing luggage. Why do we feel compelled to drag along more than we need?  Why, the wh [...]

9 Reasons Phlebotomists are Fabulous

Phlebotomists are a vital part of any hospital or blood center. Their duties extend far beyond what patients typically see and feel. Attendi [...]

5 Made-in-USA Products Every Healthcare Facility Should Have

Made in USA Means Quality You Can Trust These five products were designed with you in mind by MarketLab’s on-staff engineer. All of th [...]

Transform Any Blood Draw Station Into a Kid-Friendly Distraction Station

When it comes to kids, there’s no such thing as a routine blood draw. Their “pre-poke” anxiety can make a clean draw pract [...]

Build a Kid-Friendly Cart for an Easier Blood Draw

Creating a kid-friendly pediatric cart that can help distract attention from the needle is one approach you can use to make a difference in [...]

Preventing Pediatric Redraws

Distraction Products Offer Ways to Avoid Costly Blood Draw Errors The pre-venipuncture distress of a pediatric patient isn’t just a pr [...]

Organizing Your Blood Draw Station: 3 Tips to Get You Started

Are you overwhelmed at the thought of de-cluttering your phlebotomy area? Don’t sweat the small stuff. Look at the big picture and thi [...]

Small Change, Big Results: One Tube, Two Draw Methods, Five Times Less Waste

Waste reduction is the name of the game for Lean healthcare facilities. By switching from traditional blood collection tubes to SarstedtR [...]
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