Why a Phlebotomy Chair Can Make or Break a Blood Draw

Your blood draw patients are not all alike, so you cannot expect a single phlebotomy chair to meet all of their needs. Accommodating patient [...]

5 Struggles Phlebotomists Understand Best

Phlebotomists have a challenging job that requires knowledge, dedication, and amazing attention to detail. Not all sticks and draws go smoot [...]

What Glove Colors Could Mean to Your Patients

Before you don those purple gloves, you might want to consider how that glove color could make your patients feel. Color psychology suggests [...]

You’re Benched! 5 Ways to Reclaim Your Laboratory Benchtop

You know how it goes—your laboratory is neat and organized one day, and the next you’ve lost your third pen to the massive pile of d [...]

Ergonomics in Healthcare: Preventing Phlebotomist Injuries

More than 50% of all healthcare-professional injuries are caused by overexertion, with almost half of those classified as musculoskeletal di [...]

Major Side Effects of High Hospital Noise Volumes

From audible medical equipment alarms to visitors who use waiting areas as their personal conference rooms, hospitals can get pretty noisy. [...]

5 Signs Your Chair Wants to Hurt You

Do you suspect your work chair means you harm? You might be right. Forget about inferior designs and cheap materials. Chairs don’t get to [...]

7 Things that Make Lab Techs Ridiculously Happy

Lab techs are a passionate bunch, but they’re not all that difficult to please. Sure, they’re dreamers (mmm, beers with Bill Nye and Nei [...]

The 5 Biggest Hospital Noise Culprits

What do the patient who watches their soaps at full volume, that old squeaky cart, and the visitor with the Justin Bieber ringtone that goes [...]

Ergonomics in Healthcare: How to Protect Your Employees and Your Budget

Your healthcare organization cannot afford to disregard any complaints of discomfort from its employees. That doesn’t necessarily mean eve [...]
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