7 Thoughts All Phlebotomists Have

Phlebotomists are knowledgeable, talented healthcare professionals whose work helps save lives. They also happened to choose a career that i [...]

5 Ways to Spread Your Hand Hygiene Message

Everybody knows they’re supposed to practice proper hand hygiene, but that doesn’t mean everybody does. The importance of hand hygiene i [...]

5 Reasons Nurses Are the Best Friends You Can Have

If you have a nurse for a friend, you know you have won the friendship lottery. You would be hard-pressed to a better listener and confidant [...]

5 Ways to Better Manage Your Blood Draw Workload

There is way more to a blood draw experience than the draw itself. It really begins before the patient even sits down. From greeting to post [...]

The Easiest Way to Create Patient-Ready Rooms

Effective patient care begins long before the patient even enters your facility. Once a patient is discharged, his or her room must be inspe [...]

5 Amazing Lab Tech Superpowers

Lab techs aren’t just talented, dedicated medical professionals – they also happen to be superheroes. Ordinary mortals do not possess th [...]

8 Words with Different Meanings in Medical Labs

The lingo used by medical labs is chock-full of beautiful, descriptive terms and phrases unique to medical science. Polyclonal antibody? Tha [...]

4 Ways to Get the Most from Your Specimen Transport Totes

It is not OK to treat specimen transport totes the way kids treat their school backpacks – even if they’re empty. Totes need love, too. [...]

5 Things Phlebotomists Hear on Repeat

If only the comments and pick-up lines phlebotomists hear were unique. It’s as if there’s one very short book on how to get under a phle [...]

The Key to Effective Healthcare Asset Tracking and Loss Prevention

Equipment misplacement and theft are serious threats to your healthcare facility’s budget and security. According to a survey by healthcar [...]
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